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My name is Mike, welcome to ShemaleSale!

I’m just a regular guy in his late 30s, married, career.. that loves having a shemale adventure once in a while to spice things up!

I’ve surfed the web for shebabes for more than 10 years now. Free porn, paid porn… and I was not always happy with what sites promised and that I got after paying.

On top of that, when I tried to cancel a site or after some time I got discount offers in my e-mail.. so I though: “What if I make a collection of these offers for others?” and decided to also review the sites to filter the good from the bad.

SS makes a commission from some sales which helps me keep the site without ads. This does not affect the integrity of what I write. Thanks for your support, I’m very grateful!

Contact me onĀ Twitter or Facebook anytime.

Best regards, Mike

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